What’s the old saying? Everything old is now new again? Yes!

Or the fact everyone on your team is in sales? Plus: Always be selling? 

Yep, yep and more yep! It raises the question: How can you and your team succeed in today’s new and ever-shifting world?

Everything old is now new again

Let’s talk about old being new in selling. Manners, kindness, honesty and hard work are all fundamentals of old-school selling, which now is more important than ever. If you want to stand out and above the crowd, apply all four of those qualities throughout your organization—at every level—and watch your sales grow. Please don’t let these go to chance. Change it with specific training for everyone that interacts with the clients. Give them the why and how to showcase those factors. If in doubt on how to showcase these qualities, go visit a Chick-fil-A or a Culver’s to experience how manners can be implemented into each and every person. Be refreshing, be kind, tell the truth—even if it hurts—and go beyond what is expected with your work ethic. It sets you apart.

Everyone is in sales

Which rolls (pun intended) us into the fact: everyone is in sales, at all times, when dealing with the outside world or if they are your active client. What is that about and how do you do it? Positive actions in finding solutions, using positive words (“Glad you called.” “We appreciate your interest in our company.”). Really help people when they call in or visit your location (offer water, coffee or a seat). If they interact with anyone in your group, let them experience a positive touch point with your business. Your total outlook should all be done in a selling fashion. This applies to everyone who touches your company, because at some point, they or their friends need your products or services. The person/client needs each touchpoint to hold a position of positivity about your business. You teach them how to encourage the client to know they are in a great place to invest their money. How? Smiles, asking great, thoughtful questions focused on them, big grateful thank yous, displays of happiness about being at work (even if a bad day is happening). This will take training, leadership in example and continuing encouragement to sell your why.

One of the best ways for change in your outcome is to start with yourself with a positive outlook to sales/solving problems for clients. If you change your mindset and set the right example and are genuine, then the team will follow. The great companies have a vibe of selling solutions and creating a wonderful experience for everyone that comes into contact with them! Teach your team that sales is more than a transaction, it’s about helping others and solving problems. Your reward is the trust and investment the client deposits with you.

Keep positive, keep solving problems and keep selling.