Resource and Financial Management Systems (RFMS, Inc.), a software developer for the flooring industry, announces that it will host its "Building on the Best" Owner and Education Conference on May 2-4, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

RFMS hosts this biennial 3-day conference-style event designed to bring valuable training and networking to all RFMS clients and vendor partners. It is always well-attended and anticipation for the 2022 event in Nashville is high based on early registrations. RFMS will be sharing an exciting look into current and future development work, as well as offering hands-on training to clients across all areas of the software, along with timely general business discussions.

RFMS users will come together and choose from over 90 different workshops, running in 10 different classrooms. Class schedules are designed for owners, sales professionals, accounting/operations staff, estimators and just about anyone else who works in a flooring business and uses RFMS and Measure.

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