Gulfport, Mississippi-based ISE Logik announced the addition of Todd Eyres as regional manager for the South Central Rockies. Eyres has almost 25 years with GP as a quality manager in the western United States.

"Being with ISE Logik is exciting because it's taking on the moisture mitigation concrete issues that have been with the flooring industry for 30 years, and it has a solution," Eyres said. "It's a great story that actually works. They've done the research and their homework."

ISE Logik specializes in admixtures and topical treatments warranted to 100% RH with no moisture testing required for new or existing concrete slabs receiving flooring or roofing.

"We are continuing to expand in the West, and Todd is going to help us tremendously with his sterling reputation among the A&D community," commented David Seland, principal of ISE Logik. "His experience working with contractors, architects, and owners provides us with in-depth problem-solving skills for our customers."

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