ISE Logik, the concrete moisture mitigation specialist for flooring, has done a complete makeover to accelerate their marketing and growth for 2022 and beyond.

“Over the last several years, moisture vapor transmission has become problematic in the flooring industry, particularly with the enormous popularity of vinyl flooring styles that simply don’t breathe,” said David Seland, founder and one of the company’s principals. “Our proprietary admixture formulations for new concrete and topical treatments for existing concrete floor renovations have become the guaranteed solution to stop moisture vapor from damaging floor installations.”

ISE Logik encourages contractors and installers to be proactive in addressing the issue, as in its new tagline “Proactive Concrete Solutions.”

“We’ve radically changed our logo, built a new and easier-to-navigate website, and booked ourselves to conduct seminars across a host of training platforms,” Seland said. “The industry has done a good job in telling contractors and installers how to test for moisture in concrete, but very little has been said about how to prevent it from being a problem. We intend to change that.”

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