ISE Logik Industries, moisture vapor mitigation for new or existing concrete slab construction, announced the launch of a new website to serve its customers. Under the theme “Concrete Science for Moisture Mitigation,” the new site expands the amount and depth of information about the company, its products and the concrete industry it serves.

“We took a look at the information out there, as well as our current site and determined some big improvements could be made,” said David P. Seland, principal and CEO of ISE Logik. “The construction, flooring and roofing industry is intensely interested in solutions for vapor transmission, and we saw the need for a better way to get the word out.” features connecting points and links of the company’s comprehensive education program throughout the construction industry’s leading publications and forums. Also new is a blog with extensive technical articles to help specifiers, contractors, installers and specialists understand the science of stopping moisture transmission in its tracks before it causes extensive and costly damage.

“Our new website is a perfect reflection of our company’s take on its role in the industry. It’s the destination for the best admixture and topical products, knowledge and help in our business,” observed Dean Craft, principal and COO of ISE Logik. “And over time, it’ll just keep getting better.”