Meisterwerke, a flooring manufacturer based in Rüthen-Meiste, Germany, has published its first sustainability report, which outlines the goals the company has met and describes the company’s future strategic positioning in regard to sustainability.

“We have been practicing our own version of sustainability for decades already,” said Managing Partner Guido Schulte. “In creating the report, we have purposefully put our environmental awareness and sustainable business model to the test and documented where we are right now and what we want to achieve through consistent further development in the areas of economy, ecology and society on behalf of our stakeholder groups.”

The report covers renewable wood raw materials, efficient energy management in the company, and its practices in social responsibility. With a mixture of textual information, charts and infographics, the online sustainability report clearly describes how sustainability factors can influence product and process innovations, the use of resources, and collaboration with partners along the entire value chain.

The company said this initial report has elevated the sustainable activities of the Westphalian flooring manufacturer to a binding level – a direction that the company is determinedly pursuing, with the intention of publishing a comprehensive sustainability report according to specific criteria (GRI standards) every three years.

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