Metroflor Corporation is providing an easy answer for new owners of Metroflor floors to the question “What do I use to take care of my floor?” when they register their warranty at

Once consumers register, Metroflor will ship them, free of charge, a Metroflor Floor Care starter kit that includes an 8 oz. sample bottle of Prevail Ready-To-Use Neutral Cleaner and a 2 oz. sample bottle of Prevail Scratch Remover, both recommended for care and maintenance of Metroflor floors.

“Consumers have made a significant investment in their home with the purchase of a new floor, and they want to make sure it lasts and maintains its beauty and appearance for many years to come," said  Gary Keeble, vice president of marketing for Metroflor, "The Metroflor Floor Care starter kit helps get them off on the right foot to a proper cleaning and maintenance regimen that will enhance their floor’s looks and longevity.”

When the consumer needs more Prevail Neutral Cleaner or Scratch Remover, Metroflor is including a promo code for a 10% discount on their next purchase of Prevail products from A QR code is provided that automatically places the promo code in the shopping cart for a fast and easy check out.

New owners of Metroflor flooring can register their warranty by visiting and clicking on the Warranty Registration link on the home page.