MeisterWerke, a flooring manufacturer based in Rüthen-Meiste, Germany, presented new flooring innovations at the Carrefour du Bois wood flooring show held in Nantes, France, June 1-3, 2022. 

The Lindura wood flooring collection has been upgraded with new visuals and technical features. The château planks of the HD 400 collection (12 naturally oiled, 12 ultra-matt lacquered) are now impregnated with AquaStop edge impregnating agent, making them water-resistant for 24 hours and suitable for humid rooms and enables installation in the bathroom, the company said. 

The company's Weartec Nature natural oil surface is highly breathable and regulates moisture to ensure a health living climate. The ultra matt lacquer (Duratec Nature) penetrates into every pore to provide enhanced stain-resistance with an anti-fingerprint effect and high resistance to micro-scratches and wear. Meanwhile, Duratec Nature creates an ultra-matt appearance with a pleasant touch and natural feel that is unusual for a lacquer. As well as oils and lacquers, Lindura’s signature Wood Powder finish has also been updated with a lighter finish for a more natural, less rustic look.

Lindura_HS500_Classic greige oak 8931.jpgThe herringbone pattern has been added to the Lindura wood flooring collection. (shown here: Classic greige oak, 8931) 


The company also launched a new herringbone format (700 x 140 mm) in eight ultra-matt lacquered surfaces can be color coordinated with the HD 400 collection or stand alone. Lindura only requires one-eighth of the raw wood material used by conventional multi-layered parquet flooring. 

Meister's German-made waterproof rigid core flooring collection has been updated with new visuals. Customers can choose from 36 variants, including 25 new designs.