Mannington Commercial introduces the Amtico Signature Xpress collection, a limited selection of the Amtico Signature LVT collection specifically curated to meet projects with tight timelines.

“We curated this selection to ensure commercial designers can create stunning designs that will still be ready on a tight deadline,” said Roby Isaac, vice president of commercial design, Mannington Flooring. “Just because a timeline is abbreviated doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style and beauty or stifle your creativity.”

Amtico's designs combine texture, color and pattern to create a vibrant product ideal for expressing any aesthetic vision. Amtico Signature Xpress product designs are available in 15 woods, four stone patterns and six abstract visuals.

The woods, available in 7.25” x 48” plank format and with 15 colors, include: Aurora Grain, Classic Walnut, Dry Teak, Fumed Oak, Maple, Oiled Pine, Reclaimed Oak, Regency Walnut, Rotterdam Oak, Salted Oak, Shibari Jasmine, Teak, Toulouse Oak, Vintage Teak and Wild Walnut. The stone patterns, available in 18” x 18” tiles, include Corinthian Marble, Stria Basalt, Stria Rock and Worn Concrete. The abstract visuals, also available in 18” x 18” tiles, include Grid Flash, Grid Pop, Grid Zing, Grid Zoom, Stucco Putty and Stucco Quartz 

Amtico Signature Xpress also includes Mannington’s Fusion Rubber Transition Strip. Available in five Xpress colors, the innovative strips create a subtle transition with minimal visual interruption where carpet and LVT meet.

Amtico Signature features Mannington Commercial’s Quantum Guard Elite technology with a 40 mil wear layer and are backed by a Limited 25-year Commercial and Limited 25-year Quantum Guard Elite warranty making them ideal for high traffic areas. The performance system provides exceptional resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains and indentations.

Amtico Signature Xpress is EPD Verified and FloorScore certified. Recognizing the adverse impact the built environment can have on climate and health, Mannington Commercial is committed to helping customers reduce the negative impact of their projects by improving operations and offsetting this collection’s embodied carbon by 105 percent (cradle to gate).

The Amtico Signature Xpress collection is made in the U.S.A.

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