Mannington Commercial's Quick Ship luxury vinyl tile (LVT) service program is a responsive platform, tailored to the needs of customers, and backed with a guarantee, according to the company.

“In recent years, we have seen designers and end users expect a contraction of time between when a product is specified and when it is installed,” said Jack Ganley, Mannington Commercial president. “So we have taken practical measures to meet and exceed these expectations, expanding our customer service department, refreshing our quick ship programs, and on-shoring manufacturing of products back to American soil. This LVT Quick Ship program further enhances our ability to deliver, and our reputation for service.”

Mannington's LVT Quick Ship has a range of 100 Amtico and Spacia products, all of which are available to ship within five business days. If a shipment is missed, the company guarantee's a 10% discount on the order.

"As a fourth generation, family-owned company, Mannington is persuaded of the importance of manufacturing jobs for America’s economy and our future. Jobs build communities; when they disappear, so does our ability to stand strong and grow. So they are onshoring the manufacturing of their LVT from Asia, where most LVT is produced. In the past year, Mannington has already seen a 30% increase in jobs at its Georgia plants, and by 2015, expect to double their LVT manufacturing workforce," said Ganley.

The benefit of domestic manufacturing goes beyond jobs, however, also enabling the company to leverage LVT into new custom-cutting capabilities and deliver on the shorter lead times.  According to the company, manufacturing in the U.S.A. means that Mannington can perform quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material to finishing and shipping. 

“Our goal is not only to be easy to work with, but to anticipate and meet the demands that today’s customers have for immediate, quality delivery,” added David Sheehan, vice president–commercial hard surface.

Earlier this year, Mannington incorporated reclaimed, postconsumer LVT into new flooring, and positioned itself to divert post-consumer LVT from landfills as it is taken up during renovation projects.

For more information on Mannington’s LOOP reclamation program, which takes back carpet, resilient sheet, VCT, waste streams from other industries including drywall and automobile glass, and now LVT, call 800.241.2262.