Mapei Corporation recently teamed up with the A&E’s popular home-remodeling show “Zombie House Flipping” to turn a derelict Orlando, Florida, property into a beautiful residence. 

Logan Reavis, technical services manager, Mapei, provided technical assistance off- and on-camera.

“The show notes called this house ‘3,000 square feet of hell’,” Reavis said. “It was 3,000 square feet of wildly different substrates – in different stages of disrepair.” 

Reavis toured the home and spent time with the zombie flippers, Ashlee Casserly and Keith Ori, discussing what they wanted to achieve; he then designed the product recommendation based upon his findings. 

Reavis described the “hellish” project: “There were 10 rooms. Some floors had uneven or cracked concrete slabs, new concrete slabs, old concrete slabs; one room featured an old mud bed, a couple rooms were the original terrazzo. The only thing they all had in common was the fact that it was a mess.” 

Even though “Zombie House Flipping” is a TV show, the investments made on the properties are very real. The flippers needed to see a return and were worried that the floors alone on this house would eat up the profits and spell their doom. Fortunately, Reavis and Mapei had the answers.

See the episode here