Our current post-pandemic reality includes scarce labor resources and reduced budgets. Fortunately, resilient floor renewal solutions allow facilities managers to gain productivity and cut costs, while also remaining as eco-friendly as possible. 

Flooring renewal options are allowing work forces to head back to the office—whether the office is a commercial or industrial facility, retail location, educational setting or a healthcare facility that’s been in use by the masses since the start of the pandemic—with safe, durable, modern, low maintenance and affordable flooring solutions.

Cutting installation downtime and reducing maintenance lowers overall cost

Because resilient floor coatings are easy to apply over existing flooring, the risk of downtime is greatly reduced. In fact, floors are often renewed in hours instead of days or weeks, depending on the area being renewed.

Because resilient floor coatings are easy to apply over existing flooring, the risk of downtime is greatly reduced. In fact, floors are often renewed in hours instead of days or weeks, depending on the area being renewed.

When Arizona’s Havasu Regional Medical Center needed an upgrade to its old, worn resilient flooring, the facility sought a cost-effective solution to revitalize the flooring and keep it compliant with safety standards. Instead of replacing the flooring, the facilities team chose a resilient renewal solution and saved $20,000 (in addition to labor cost savings). The entire renovation project took 18 hours versus the expected 72+ hours for new floor installation.

Since the renewal process eliminates the recurring cost and resource of polishing the floor after installation, Havasu Regional Medical Center is able to turn rooms more quickly, freeing up those labor resources to work on other essential work. With proper training and use of high-quality products, the renewal process is efficient and much easier on the budget (and the environment) than a complete flooring tear-out and replacement.

Environmentally safe flooring is our current and future reality

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for facilities so products and systems that can meet this demand are on the rise. Facilities are no longer forced to contribute to rising landfills and subject those nearby to toxic fumes that come with flooring replacement. Today, even the most worn, dilapidated resilient floors (i.e. linoleum, rubber, vinyl, concrete etc.) are able to be transformed with eco-friendly processes.

In fact, renewing resilient floor surfaces can offer up to 92% reduction in carbon footprint and 95% savings in energy resources, versus replacing, according to an IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) study. The IVL study also found that annually, 27 million square feet of flooring is replaced in Swedish public and commercial buildings, and other countries see similar numbers.

“The norm today is new and fresh, and refinishing is often perceived as more difficult,” said Maria Ahlm, author of the report at the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

In reality, waterborne solutions are now an industry standard for durable, long-lasting floor surfaces. Waterborne products are proven to be better for the environment while maintaining the high durability demands of flooring surfaces. Most resilient renovation systems also offer a clear, non-yellowing formula to keep the floor looking great for years to come. Leading manufacturers have enhanced indoor air quality and contributed to sustainability in construction and maintenance by innovating safe, waterborne products that eliminate the need to ever strip resilient flooring surfaces again.

When evaluating environmentally-safe chemistries, facilities teams should seek manufacturers that have achieved GREENGUARD Certification for their products – meaning the chemistry is scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most severe third-party chemical emissions standards, and helps reduce indoor air pollution. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common in interior environments, and indoor levels can be two to a thousand times higher than outdoors, according to studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A modern look and durable flooring solutions for any industry

Facilities managers in a wide range of industries are choosing to renew flooring, thanks to technology advancements that offer durability and modern design options – including base color finishes and color chips—to create welcoming options that withstand heavy foot and mechanical traffic. Consider these customizable examples:

  • In a few hours, a retailer can reveal a warm and inviting atmosphere for shoppers and employees – created by renewing an unsightly floor, scarred from rolling racks, faded from displays and stained from heavy foot traffic.
  • A government facility can erase years of flooring use with a modern design on a renewed floor and small budget.
  • A healthcare facility can convert a dull and damaged floor into a new and sturdy surface with wayfinding markers, a trendy design and fortified with a non-slip additive for increased durability and protection against slips and falls.
  • A school can renew an old gym floor, as well as a cafeteria, classrooms, hallways and office areas, to create a bright, welcoming and fun place for students, teachers, staff and visitors to assemble.

The technology incorporated into flooring renewal today offers facilities managers the freedom to procure durable, safe, eco-friendly and affordable flooring that will vastly upgrade the look and quality of any flooring surface. As an added bonus, flooring renewal will limit facility closures and reduce residual upkeep time and costs.