Roland Thompson, owner, Thompson Flooring and Installation, hosted an International Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) course on hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) at his facility in Frederick, Maryland, December 3-4, 2022.

There were 10 participants: Heriberto Garcia, Greg Mahlstedt, Frank Hutson, Jeremy Glover, William Wilkes, Joel Justice, Thomas Hiler, Robert Wingo, Dirk O'Brien and Emily Liu. Thompson has been a CFI-certified installer since 2002. Throughout his training career, he estimates he has taught more than 90 CFI certifications. Other trainers at the event were George Johnson III, owner, G3 Carpet Service, in Centreville, Virginia; and Scott Ballard, who worked with Thompson for 10 years and retired from Virginia Hardwood Floors.

CFI Training at Thompson Flooring and Installation.jpgPhotos: Roland Thompson.

According to Thompson, Liu signed up to understand flooring "from the ground up". Her family owns three flooring manufacturing plants in China and has been exporting private label products to the U.S. for years. Liu attended college in the U.S. and intends to remain here. In an effort to become more involved in the family business, Liu signed up for Thompson's class to learn how the products her family makes are installed. 

On day one, the students began with LVP in their 4x8-foot modules and transitioned to laminate. Thompson said this is purposeful in that both flooring categories share similar installation methods, making it easy to transition from one to the other. On day two, the students install engineered wood gluedown flooring and ¾-inch wood nail down flooring. 

CFI Training at Thompson Flooring and Installation 2.jpgPhotos: Roland Thompson.

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