The February 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has activated hardwood industry leaders to launch a new campaign about the health benefits of real wood products. 

The Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC), which is made up of more than 2,100 companies from across the United States, launched a campaign, "Hardwood for Your Health," showcasing Adam Jones, editor and hobby woodmaker, on Instagram and YouTube promoting the positive effects hardwood can have on indoor air quality. 

The East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment caused a toxic chemical spill, which included vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride is used to make a variety of plastics, including polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a primary component used to make resilient and vinyl flooring, cabinets, doors, window frames, mouldings, and other household items.

In a statement, RAHC said that "while residents living near the derailment had no choice about their exposure, millions of homeowners unknowingly put their families at risk when they bring plastic products into their homes."

“Real wood products do not jeopardize human health or the environment,” said Michael Martin, president and CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association, in the statement. “They are made using natural materials that can be regrown, and that contribute to the overall health of our planet and its residents.”

The Environmental Protection Agency reported on March 1, 2023, that it "has conducted 578 home re-entry screenings to date and continues air monitoring at 16 stations within the community. There have been no exceedances for residential air quality standards, and outdoor air quality remains normal."

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