One Click Contractor, a full-service sales enablement platform for home improvement contractors, is releasing a feature called Smart Interiors. Its purpose is to increase designer and flooring contractor efficiency on remodeling projects by enabling homeowners or field pros to use their smartphone to capture detailed property information.

The company said the software can save flooring contractors five to 15 hour per week,  close 30 to 50 percent more business, and estimate a project in just three minutes. 

Smart Interiors generates both 2D and 3D models of room dimensions that will automatically sync with One Click’s sales software, saving time on projects.

Steps throughout the sales process, such as setting an appointment and completing a virtual sale, can be handled on Smart Interiors. 


With Smart Interiors, interior remodeling contractors can expand their service area by offering remote measurements and data collection, saving time and generating more precise bids.

Through this platform, contractors can pre-qualify leads using their remote data and estimates, reducing the need for time consuming and costly visits.

Contractors or homeowners can use the technology to render any interior space into a 3D CAD drawing using a smartphone with full and accurate measurements, photos and wall details. This reduces time spent estimating and measuring. 

Like a virtual assistant, the Smart Interiors platform allows you to present, propose, sign and offer financing all in one place to create an exceptional customer experience.

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