Last week, Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) introduced the first industry-wide Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification program, CIII, during preview sessions with carpet, adhesive and tool manufacturers in Dalton, Georgia.

The Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification (CIII), the highest level of CFI's commercial carpet certification program, identifies installers who understand all the different aspects of large-scale commercial carpet installation. Installers who pass this certification will be able to correctly estimate products, plan labor and identify proper amounts of adhesive and other sundries necessary for successful job completion.

This new certification serves as a tool for the Architect and Design community to include in their specification process as a requirement for installers, resulting in increased confidence and reduced overall costs and liabilities for commercial projects.

"CFI is widely recognized as the most prestigious and largest training and certification program in the flooring industry," said Steve Abernathy, WFCA's chief operating officer. "With the only industry-wide advanced certification program for commercial carpet installation, we continue to set the standard for flooring education and training."

Led by Dave Garden, executive director of education at CFI, and CFI Master II installers Jerry Miller and Scott Faulkner, the preview was conducted over two days as part of CFI's preparation for launching the top-tier certification program.

According to Garden, “Collaboration with manufacturers plays a critical role in alleviating challenging job site situations by helping to educate installers on the products they create. As a key step in launching this advanced commercial carpet certification program, this preview generated tremendous excitement and feedback.”

Attendees praise CFI’s commercial certification program and expect the credentials to fill the need to build a highly skilled workforce in the commercial sector.

According to John Cox, director quality and claims, Tarkett/Lexmark Carpet, “The CFI Advance Commercial Carpet Certification is something our industry has been missing for many years. This program covers different manufactured products (Broadloom and Modular Tile), backing types, floor preparation, and testing, removal of existing flooring, and proper installation conditions such as moisture, alkalinity, porosity, and humidity. Using a certified installer will make your life much easier and extend the life cycle of your flooring products.”

“The CFI Advanced Commercial Certification put forth with input from the mills and years of CFI experience may be one of the industry's most challenging and sought-after commercial certifications,” said Phillip Gladden, Crain Cutter Inc. Company Eastern sales representative. “This certification is detailed with significant points on job site analysis, material layout, patterned carpets, double stick, carpet tile and substrates. With the state of carpet manufacturing today, this certification is needed. I believe any installer that passes this certification will have the knowledge to take on and succeed in any significant commercial job.”

Leslie Del Pozo, vice president marketing communications, QEP Co., Inc., said, "Being part of the CFI Advanced Commercial Certification Showcase was an honor. The energy coming from the CFI Team is fantastic. They are connecting with the manufacturers on a partnership level, which is really impressive, and Roberts/QEP looks forward to being part of the solution for creating a better, deeper field of professional installers.”

“I applaud and strongly support the creation of this new certification level,” added Sim Crisler, owner and managing member, Specialty Flooring Solutions LLC. “I believe this fills a need in the industry, particularly on large and extremely complex commercial projects. CFI has, for years, been the go-to source for reliable information on the skill level of individual installers. This level will, I believe, enhance, and complete the existing certification package offered by CFI. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this process.”

The Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification consists of three days and includes a written exam, a bid process, and a hands-on component. The course is only available to those who have already earned the Commercial Carpet II certification.

The Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification will launch in April with IUPAT in Henderson, Nevada.

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