Summit International Flooring, a flooring distributor based in Whippany, New Jersey, is celebrating 20 years in business and announced a redesigned website that simplifies sample ordering. 

Summit International President David Numark gives a background on the company: 

"After being born into the flooring business, graduating from college, and working for several flooring companies, I started Summit International Flooring from the ground up. Literally, I was working from my basement.

After seven years of working on my own, 16- to 18-hour days, I ran into an old friend and former employee, who happened to still be working in the flooring business but was unhappy with his company. It was that night that Jed Horowitz and I made an agreement and he started working with me in my cellar office.

In 2012 we brought on Marc Becker, our current vice president of sales, and the three of us moved into a small Florham Park office. Summit changed directions in a big way when Marc joined, and we got into more of the importation and distribution of floor coverings.

Fast forward and the company has grown each year, attracting some big and respected brand names (Van Besouw, Object Carpet, Granorte Cork) while major corporations use us as consultants and floor covering providers. We have a developed sales staff, including both employees and independent agents.

Today, Summit has become one of the best and well-known luxury flooring distributors in the country and the “go to” company for luxury fitness flooring and the highest quality floor coverings (carpet, cork, rubber), including some niche areas such as specialty turf, recycled leather, and more.

In 2022, right before we celebrated our 20th anniversary, Summit had the biggest year, growing significantly in top-line sales from 2021. The future is most definitely bright for Summit."

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