The AMD Stoneroom, Antolini MilanoDuomo, in the city center of Milan, is hosting a series of artworks created by Antolini in collaboration with Pietro Terzini and designed to enhance natural stone, which they address through impactful claims and are articulated on various supports, from LED to inlays on natural stones. 

Specifically, the project involves six materials, three used as the base and as many for the inlaid section: Dalmata marble inlaid with Amazonite quartzite, Brèche Fantastique marble inlaid with Bianco Lasa | Covelano Vena Oro marble, and Calcite Azul marble inlaid with Noirblanc soft quartzite. 

Pietro Terzini, at the termination of the creative process that saw the powerful merging of art and nature, said, "I am proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Antolini. The artworks created for this installation mix the excellence of Italian know-how with my irony, generating unique and original pieces."

Placed in different strategic points of the showroom designed by Alessandro La Spada, the artworks are able to spotlight the natural stones and emphasize their versatility. Staged and matched with Terzini’s works, are part of the Exclusive Collection, the Perception wall and design projects, such as the bathtub in Cristallo Lumix, on which the sentence “Do you want to take a bath with me?” in pink LED hangs and seems to drop from the ceiling.

Another example involves the Perception wall in Noirblanc Lux and Irish Green Lux, over which the title of the exhibition - I WANT IT WOW - is placed, while giving emphasis on the various possible, always scenic, processes related to natural stone. Walking slowly through the area in front of the Perception wall, in fact, both the ‘book match’ on the Irish Green marble and Terzini’s claim that names the project are simultaneously revealed. Alessandro Isola, Perception's signature, elaborates on the design philosophy that led to the wall’s definition, "As you walk by, a gentle, vertical transformation takes place. Moving away from the surface at progressively steeper angles, one by one the stone tilts from floor to ceiling, revealing, from what appeared to be a wall of marble ribs, an intensely contrasting pattern along the angled edges. Once the raised stone is passed, the optical eloquence quietly fades away to be replaced by the original muted elegance of the plain ribs."

The exhibition includes three more artworks, able once again to emphasize the power of the connection between mother nature and contemporary art: three engaging and impressive claims have been inlaid on three natural stones (more information in the captions of the corresponding images).

"The exhibition project I WANT IT WOW aims to stimulate new proposals for the combination between art, design, and innovation, with the beauty of Mother Nature's masterpieces at their core," said Alberto Antolini, CEO Antolini. "The harmonious fusion of these three areas narrates the endless processing possibilities applicable to stone through the support of technology. In this case, for example, to succeed in transposing the creative concept of artist Pietro Terzini onto the stone, the application of inlay technology has been essential. The specific procedure for inlaying, furthermore, is followed by a phase of craftsmanship related to Antolini’s know-how: once obtained, the hollow and full of stone must be assembled by hand. The process is finalized by polishing the stone to enhance the plays of perspective and inlays."