The Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF) has released its Summer 2023 Corporate Toolkit, aimed to help the non-profit get the word out about its financial assistance program. FCIF provides direct funds to families who have worked in the floorcovering industry and are facing financial obstacles related to a serious illness, injury, or disability. FCIF’s caring approach allows those in need to seek help with dignity and confidence. Download the toolkit and send out the information through one or more of these channels: vendor relations, social media, newsletters, intranets, website, HR outreach, rotating TV screen graphics, break room posters, and other internal and external marketing and communication efforts.

Beneficiaries have included: a creeler in a flooring manufacturing plant who has invasive stage four breast cancer that has spread to her bones; a flooring installer and his teenage daughter who are both battling leukemia; a lift-truck operator who had part of his foot amputated; a sales manager whose husband has lung cancer and a brain tumor; a shipping clerk whose 3-year-old daughter is deaf and has developmental delays requiring special therapy

FCIF’s program to provide financial assistance to those working or retired from the flooring industry who are battling life-altering medical conditions.  Learn more at