Advanced Flooring Technology (AFT) has completed its first two-week session of a new Three-Phase Installer Course developed by Robert Varden for new installers. The new course aims to move an inexperienced installation team member from helper status to a contributing, certified carpet and LVP installer quickly and effectively.

The AFT Three-Phase Installer Course is open to new untrained hires employed with dealers or contractors. The three training phases build on each other, from a basic introduction in Phase One to more intensity and depth in carpet and LVP installation in Phases Two and Three. 

“We use a Classroom/On-The-Job/Testing combination so that the student can immediately put into practice what they’ve learned in class,” said Varden. “Retention of knowledge and skills is vastly improved through real-life practice immediately following training. Honing those skills on the job surrounded by more experienced installers is a big plus.”

AFT’s 3 Phase track begins with a two-week Intro to Floor Covering Phase, including basics in carpet and LVP installation and some hardwood flooring basics. Then students do a minimum of four weeks of on-the-job training. Phase Two is two weeks of Basic Carpet and LVP installation training, followed by four weeks minimum in the field. Phase Three is the final two weeks of more intense training in Carpet and LVP, followed by testing and certification.

The new course has just launched in Wichita, KS, and will soon be offered at the AFT facility in Rockwall, TX.  

"We believe it's important to quickly equip young people who have chosen flooring installation as a career path with quality, in-depth classroom and on-the-job training. The sooner they grow, the sooner they'll be successful for themselves and their employer, and that's good news for our industry," said Varden.

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