HMTX Industries announces the release of its 2022 Impact Report. 

Sharing its ESG progress with all stakeholders, the Impact Report highlights the company’s commitment to transparency and sustainability strategies and actions taken since the first report (published for 2021). During the data collection process, the company gained significant insight into its business operations and made long-term improvements for future reporting.

"As we reflect on a year of intense growth and reaffirmed commitment to ESG, we choose to look forward and confront the challenges of the 21st century head on—climate change, gender and income inequality, and human rights," said HMTX CEO Harlan Stone. "Even as we have grown over the years, we remain dedicated to our family’s unwavering values, and we will continue to be transparent and caring for our stakeholders and the planet.”

HMTX is committing significant resources to fully incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into every aspect of its business and is proud to demonstrate noteworthy improvements over the previous year’s baseline data:

1. Women in Leadership – Increase to nearly 40% representation in top management positions.

2. JUST Social Justice Label: Improvements in nine out of 22 categories.

3. HMTX Cares: 13% closer to the goal of raising $1 million benefiting addiction-crisis and mental health facilities.

4. IDEA Council (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility) – Steering Committee was formed to raise awareness in all aspects of diversity crucial to the growing company, with representation from 100% of all departments. HMTX amended its policy to ensure the achievement of a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible workplace.

5. Reporting footprint grew 32% in corporate square footage.

The report also includes the following examples of HMTX’s initiatives as an overachiever in both sustainability actions and technology leadership, which took place during the 2022 reporting period:


HMTX took measures to improve health and wellness benefits, encouraged community volunteering through its volunteer time-off (VTO) program, and administered more targeted training and educational opportunities for career growth.


Increased the number of products that have associated transparency documents - 25 Declare labels and over 35 Health Product Declarations (HPD), representing more than 50 of our most popular product lines.

Achieved offsets of GHG emissions for products in two divisions by supporting multiple REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects. Purchasing carbon offsets aims to halt deforestation, preserves important habitats, and provides economic development to local communities and to governments.


Refined its charitable activities, monetary donations and volunteer activities to support affordable housing, education, the environment, health, and food security.


Expanded reach of the HMTX’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Legal Compliance to legacy suppliers.


Piloted contemporary, original, and innovative technologies and added new talent to accelerate the creation of new flooring with advanced sustainable features.

Combined modern digital printing techniques and responsible design practices to revolutionize the flooring industry and provide ideal solutions for years to come.

Read the HMTX Industries 2022 Impact Report here.