Onepush is Välinge's brand-new installation technology featuring a unique, integrated locking system that improves both flexibility and durability of the new generation of resilient flooring products.

“With resilient floors becoming more rigid, push down installations are put to the test. If the installation system is not flexible enough it may result in damages on the floor panels during installation,” said Laetitia Kimblad, Floor Locking Director at Välinge Innovation.  “Onepush solves this problem brilliantly and efficiently thanks to its flexibility, created in a unique post-forming process where parts of the profile are shaped with heat.” 

The new one-piece installation system is the successful result of an exclusive collaboration between Välinge and the European companies Inovame and Kreafin, who jointly developed the post-forming production method. The companies further improved the process and the locking profile together in order to offer an efficient technology with new, unique features.

“The post-forming process enables a profile shape that is impossible to achieve with tools alone," said Thierry Miclo CEO at Inovame. “Onepush is a smart solution for all manufacturers who want to create resilient flooring that is easily installed and dismantled without using tools.”

“Onepush overcomes the well-known limitations traditional locking systems for resilient flooring applications face," said Yves Michel CEO at Kreafin, part of Gerflor. Olivier Ceysson, Innovation & Sustainability Director at Gerflor Group, adds: "The new Onepush locking system enables fast installation and easier dismantling, which is done by simply angling the panels out. The solution facilitates possible product reuse and is a great sustainable innovation!"