Wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tile can be recycled into useful new products if collected and processed. This session will look at the tremendous progress in carpet recycling in California following the passage of AB 2398, the first carpet stewardship law in the country. The CA carpet recycling rate has reached 34%, compared to less than 5% in the rest of the US. This Program’s success indicates that carpet can be the most sustainable flooring choice because it can be recycled, unlike other flooring materials.

Presenter Lisa Mekis has been working in the field with Care's California Carpet Stewardship Program since 2014. Her presentation will cover the law’s requirements, how the stewardship program functions, and the carpet recycling process, along with challenges ranging from carpet collection to processing to market development. Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the carpet recycling ecosystem and how they can better engage to support and benefit from the growing carpet recycling rate. Your participation will help Care assess and improve the Program’s commercial services.

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