Underlayment manufacturer Maxxon Corporation announced a collaboration with Empire Mining Co, LLC, a gypsum mine and underlayment provider serving the Western United States. This collaboration will expand Maxxon's of production capabilities for its flagship Gyp-Crete gypsum floor underlayment product line.

"This strategic alliance with Empire Mining Co. is a game-changer for Maxxon and our customer base," said Josh Jonsson, executive vice president of operations at Maxxon Corporation. "It not only ensures a steady supply of high-quality raw materials, but it also enables us to scale up production to meet the increasing demand for our Gyp-Crete and Commercial product lines, elevate the performance level of our existing facilities, and improve our service position for our customers."

The company said the partnership with Empire Mining Co. is anticipated to unfold gradually over the next several months to enhance Maxxon's production capabilities. Over time, this strategic alliance is set to ensure that Maxxon can consistently meet and exceed the needs of the construction industry with innovative, reliable, and high-quality underlayment solutions.