Quick•Step creates instant classics with Country Collection in Hickory natural

Quick•Step creates instant classics with Quadra Slate in Black opal.
Quick•Step laminate floors are known for their innovation in style and design. This year Quick•Step launched an array of new products, including Eligna™ Country Collection, Quadra™ Slate, Eligna™ 3-strip, and new colors in the Perspective® 4 collection.

Quick•Step makes hand-crafted techniques an affordable option with the Eligna Country Collection, thanks to its new surface structure Country Surface. This artisan-inspired finish incorporates the distinctive look of wood planks with a sculpted and hand-crafted surface, for a truly timeless floor. Every plank has scalloped edges, as you'd expect in felled timber floors. At 6/16" thick, the planks ensure a more well-balanced tone and resonance underfoot. Country Collection is available in Dark varnished oak, Hickory natural and Hickory amber.

Quick•Step has created a true masterpiece with its new Quadra Slate laminate tiles. Quadra is unique, since the tiles can be installed in either of two ways: in straight lines adjacent to one another or staggered, for a more relaxed look. Quadra Slate is available in four sophisticated colors: Black opal, Charcoal grey, Indian autumn and California gold.

Another new introduction this year, Quick•Step's Eligna 3-strip planks feature a 3-strip design on each plank. This means fewer visible seams are produced when the floor is installed, for a more even distribution of planks. Each 8mm thick plank is 54 11/32" long and 6 1/6" wide. Quick•Step Eligna 3-strip planks are offered in three room-warming Oak tones: Natural, Honey and Dark red.

This year Quick•Step is going back in time to create vintage classics in its Perspective®4 collection. The traditional wood grain finish found on each vintage plank is brought to life with an eye for detail and variation. The gently beveled edges found on Perspective®4 planks draw out small rooms, making an interior look much larger. Two Vintage Oak designs have been added to the 9.5mm thick Perspective®4 line: Vintage oak dark and Vintage oak natural.

Quick•Step is adding a touch of exotic flare to its Eligna and Perspective®4 collections, with new color additions like Brazilian cherry, Santos Mahogany and Wenge. Guaranteed to be a hit with style-savvy consumers, these new laminate designs mirror some of today's most popular exotic wood collections.

All of these designs feature Quick•Step's new Natural Authentic® surface finish. This exclusive finish by Quick•Step is used to create the most realistic wood grain or slate surface achievable. In addition to creating the appearance of a natural wood or slate floor, Natural Authentic® also aids in slip resistance.