Where do you go for the world's most complete line of proven, high-quality finishes for all kinds of wood floors? Basic Coatings. Since 1985, we've developed easy solutions that professionals turn to for beauty, durability and affordability.

Originally a small private label manufacturer of professional cleaning products and floor finishes, our company expanded into the bowling industry in the early 1970s when it took on the challenge of developing a quick drying, non-flammable water based coating that could withstand the wear and tear suffered by a wooden bowling lane. Over the next two decades, we took our expertise in water based technology and expanded it to other markets. Today, we continually strive to capitalize on the advantages water based technology offers, plus we're committed to providing the finest technical service and support.

StreetShoe XL, our premium water based wood floor finish is the toughest, most chemical resistant and fastest curing on the market today. It has been tested and proven on thousands of commercial, sports and residential wood floors across the United States and beyond. StreetShoe XL outwears all other types of wood floor finishes. Because it is 90% cured in 24 hours, you can coat one day and put the floor back to use the next! For an outstanding commercial system, StreetShoe XL can be applied over Basic Coatings' Emulsion for the look and feel of oil with all the advantages of a water based system.

Basic Coatings' 2K Select is taking on the competition with improved performance at a better price. 2K Select is a two-component finish available in four sheens - with one hardener for all sheens. It can be applied directly over Basic WoodTones Stains for the only true 3-coat system that can be completed in one day.

When it comes to dustless recoating in any environment, Basic Coatings has the answer. The TyKote Dustless Recoating System works with urethane finished floors including prefinished wood, and is so fast and easy, it can be completed overnight - with no dust! Simply clean the floor, apply TyKote and finish with StreetShoe XL.

Whether you're installing a new floor, recoating or just need routine maintenance products, Basic Coatings has it all. For more information on our complete line of high quality wood floor finish systems and maintenance products, contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-441-1934 or visit our website at www.basiccoatings.com.