Randalls Flagship Stores is a grocery retailer that operates more than 100 food and drug stores in Texas. When the company developed its 65,000 square-foot Houston store, it was hoping to create an upscale and modern look, especially for the Produce, Deli and Wine & Beer departments.

The project designer, Peggy Berry, ASID, formerly with Heights Venture Architects, recommended Solid Vinyl Tile because of its industry-leading .40-inch wear layer and superior durability.

"We knew the application would have to withstand heavy foot and shopping cart traffic while maintaining its look over time. We felt Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile offered the best solution," said Berry.

Berry felt flooring was a critical element to the look and feel of the store. After a lengthy search, Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile with its natural flooring aesthetic qualities was chosen to create the perfect atmosphere while meeting the store's high-traffic demands.

Impressed with the color options and overall appearance of Solid Vinyl Tile, Berry chose distinct products for each department. Terra Naturals Emerald Green was chosen for the Wine & Beer department, Wood Naturals Bainbridge Oak was chosen for the Produce department and Wood Naturals Vantage Oak was installed in the Deli department.

By designing the space to utilize three products within the same line, Berry created a unique identity for each department without adding an installation hassle of varying product thickness. Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile, at a 1/8 inch construction, is the same thickness as other flooring materials used in the store, providing for an easy, virtually seamless installation.

Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile, made of 100-percent pure vinyl, includes Wood Naturals Solid Vinyl Tile, available in a variety of styles that provide the look of natural wood flooring, and Terra Naturals Solid Vinyl Tile, available in 14 patterns that emulate granite, stone and marble. Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile contains 10 percent post-industrial waste and may contribute to LEED® Green Building Certification System.

According to Berry, product performance was a major factor in the decision. Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile contains a printed film layer technology which helps the flooring maintain its shiny, rich finish. It also eliminates water absorption and is resistant to wear, indentations, delamination and shrinking - all key demands for the grocery industry.

Another benefit derived from Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile is its low-maintenance performance. The product requires the same cleaning procedures as the other flooring surfaces in the store.

Berry, now with WHR Architects, Inc. in Houston, was so pleased with Roppe Solid Vinyl Tile that she has selected the product for additional applications, including a recent healthcare space. "I would recommend this product for anywhere a stylish look is desired, and where the floor requires minimal maintenance to preserve its appearance under heavy traffic," said Berry.