Tactesse Vibrant and Tactesse Natural are two new lusters developed by DuPont to complement its original Tactesse fiber for Stainmaster carpet.

Tactesse Classic, introduced in 2000, is a medium-level luster fiber designed for residential applications. Vibrant, a high-level luster, and Natural, a low-level luster, were created to provide additional styling flexibility for consumers. Tactesse fibers used in DuPont Stainmaster carpet are finer than conventional carpet fibers, the company says, and can flex and slide past each other more easily to give the carpet a “gentle and luxurious touch.”

Tactesse fibers, which feature the stain and soil protection of Stainmaster carpet, were developed to provide the aesthetics of natural fibers with a superior level of nylon durability. DuPont claims that the Tactess fibers better withstand foot traffic because they are more densely packed, and thus allow for fewer air pockets, than alternative fiber systems.