BOSTON -- Surfacine Development Co. LLC has been issued U. S. Patent No. 6,180,584 for composition of matter for its dispensable anti-microbial technology. This is the first patent issued for Surfacine, for use in consumer products, that provides a residual anti-microbial effect.

This patent shows that Surfacine can be added to a variety of hospital-grade and consumer products including hard-surface disinfectants and cleaners as well as skin antiseptics, sanitizers, protectants, liquid wound dressings or bandages. The technology may be used for treating skin-contacting articles -- such as diapers, wound dressings, wipes, and surgical masks and gowns -- and non-body contacting articles -- such as hospital bed rails, carpets and rugs -- providing such products with a sustained biocidal effect.

In addition to killing a broad range of microorganisms upon contact, Surfacine continues to disinfect and kill microorganisms for sustained periods of time, the Boston-based company said. Surfacine works by laying down a transparent, yet highly active, anti-microbial shield on surfaces to which it is applied. While Surfacine readily adheres to most surfaces, it can be readily removed either with another application of Surfacine, or through the application of detergents or alcohol. Thus, no build-up of product occurs.

Surfacine is non-toxic and does not release any harmful compounds into the environment, the company said. Surfacine can also be factory applied as a permanent coating.