Prophet 21, a specialist in technology for distributors, has scheduled meetings in 36 North American cities beginning in March to showcase its CommerceCenter software package.

"Prophet 21 CommerceCenter combines the power of SQL Server and the familiarity of Windows in a solution designed especially for distributors," said Prophet 21 president and CEO, Chuck Boyle. "The functionality in CommerceCenter can help distributors boost profit margins and increase efficiencies throughout their operations."

The 2005 schedule released by Prophet 21 includes these stops:

March 8, Grand Rapids, MI

March 8, Wichita, KS

March 9, Atlanta, GA

March 9, Baltimore, MD

March 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

March 15, Dallas, TX

March 16, Eugene, OR

March 17, Phoenix, AZ

March 22, St. Louis, MO

March 23, New Orleans, LA

March 23, Long Island, NY

March 24, Columbia, SC

March 24, Cleveland, OH

April 6, San Diego, CA

April 6, Seattle, WA

April 7, Philadelphia, PA

April 7, Minneapolis, MN

April 12, Boston, MA

April 12, Orlando, FL

April 13, Little Rock, AR

April 13, Tulsa, OK

April 13, Nashville, TN

April 14, Pittsburgh, PA

April 14, Milwaukee, WI

May 10, Newark, NJ

May 11, Raleigh, NC

May 12, Chicago, IL

May 17, San Jose, CA

May 18, Los Angeles, CA

May 18, San Antonio, TX

May 19, Cincinnati, OH

May 24, Hartford, CT

May 24, Miami, FL

May 24, Virginia Beach, VA

May 25, Detroit, MI

May 25, Denver, CO

For more information visit, send e-mail to, or call 1-800-PROPHET, press 1.