Strategic alliance bargaining between FieldTurf Inc. and Tarkett has produced a letter of intent, signed March 4, 2004, that creates a binding agreement which will result in the pairing of two successful entities, each with its own unique products and expertise.

Tarkett's highly regarded sports division, with manufacturing plants around the globe, produces brands including Prestige, the European market leader in infilled turf, as well as flooring, track, tennis and indoor products manufactured from a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, linoleum and textiles.

FieldTurf is a world leader in the new generation of infilled artificial turf systems. Recognized for its patented products and installation technologies, FieldTurf has been installed in more than 800 high-profile stadiums, universities, schools, and parks worldwide.

"Tarkett Sports' acknowledgement of the validity of the FieldTurf patents would be a strong signal in the marketplace," said Regis de Boissieu, President of the Commercial and Sport division of the Tarkett Group. "It would enable us to strengthen our worldwide market share."

"The strength of our patents and IP have attracted many suitors, but the recent discussions with Tarkett would indicate a perfect fit in every way," said FieldTurf CEO John Gilman. "This relationship would bring together two world leaders and provide an exciting opportunity where the whole will be infinitely greater than the sum of its parts."