The NWFA has unveiled its Wood Flooring Inspector Certification Program. This program is in addition to the three certification programs already offered by the NWFA for Installation; Sand and Finish; and a combination of Installation, Sand & Finish.

In developing the new program, the certification committee was charged with identifying areas of knowledge required for conducting professional wood flooring inspections, establishing acceptable performance criteria for each area of knowledge, and developing and administering a series of tests to determine proficiency in each area. Five core competency areas where determined to be essential for demonstrating the knowledge and understanding necessary to successfully perform an inspection. These five areas include substrates; maintenance; problems, causes and cures; installation and sand & finish; and inspection performance and reporting.

To test for competency in each of these areas, candidates will be required to complete five written exams, which were developed under the guidance of Veritas Assessment Systems in accordance with federal regulations governing voluntary industry certification programs. Upon successful completion of all five exams, probationary NWFA Inspector Certification is awarded -- the first five inspections must be submitted to the NWFA Certified Professionals Panel for review. Once five good reports are completed and approved, full NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector status is awarded.

The first Inspector Certification test will be held on Sept. 10 at NWFA Headquarters. Tests will be administered simultaneously, in the northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, and the Midwest on Oct. 15.

The cost will be $250 for NWFA members, and $350 for nonmembers. For more information, telephone (800) 422-4556.