Mohawk's Rewards Plus retailer promotion, which launched this month, was created to address two key retail requests: that points accumulate from multiple promotions, and that promotions include both soft- and hard-surface products.

As a result, Mohawk has made major changes in how it implements its core group of retail salesperson promotions by placing them under the Rewards Plus umbrella. Under the program, a retail salesperson establishes one account and accumulates points from all Rewards Plus programs in one place.

"This means you can accumulate points from multiple Mohawk Rewards Plus promotions to build your points total and earn better awards," said Ed Williams, senior vice president of Marketing. "A salesperson can also redeem their points any time during the year. Plus, they earn not just for carpet but also for hard-surface products, so point totals keep getting bigger and bigger." All retail salespeople, and store owners who make retail sales, are eligible to participate in the program, Williams added.

"Our promotions programs work best when salespeople are motivated and have goals they can stretch to reach," he explained. "With Rewards Plus, we've added great new prizes across a broad spectrum of award levels. By working hard and smart, salespeople can earn some truly great rewards."

The Rewards Plus system has no paperwork. Qualifying orders are posted in the system when they are shipped, and salespeople claim them online or over the phone to get points. A personal point-total statement, which can be accessed online or over the phone at any time, is compiled for each participating salesperson.

In addition, a new full-color catalog showcases the hundreds of awards that retail salespeople can earn. There are also hundreds more premiums available on the Mohawk Rewards Plus Web site. Points can also be redeemed for Mohawk flooring and Mohawk Home products.

Retail salespeople can register now for Mohawk Rewards Plus by going online at or by calling (800) 695-8321. Each salesperson only has to register once to participate in all Mohawk Rewards Plus programs during the year. Upon registration, the participating salesperson gets the free awards catalog, plus everything necessary to get started in the program.