Mannington Mills said it is parting company with one of it top distributors in the northeast and expanding the territories of two others to pick up the slack. The company said that beginning Feb. 9, Hoboken Floors will no longer handle Mannington product It distributors Elias Wilf and NRF will then begin coverage of areas that have been served by Hoboken.

For its part, Elias Wilf has acquired a 12,000 square foot warehouse in South Plainfield, N.J., to accommodate the anticipated growth.

Mannington's vp distributor network, Mark Hollinger noted that Elias Wilf and NRF have each been recognized by the flooring company for outstanding sales and service, "We're pleased to expand our relationship with both Wilf and NRF," he added. "As One Mannington distributors, their business strategies are closely aligned with Mannington's, and we are confident they will make the most of this opportunity."

Hoboken Floors was unavailable for comment.