With an eye toward providing “seamless connectivity,” a team of computer programmers has created a new standard called “the Flooring Software Data Exchange (FSDE).” Designers say the goal is to create programs that can be used across various software systems while accommodating management and accounting software, schedulers and estimators. They add that FSDE is designed to allow users of flooring-related applications to exchange data between industry-specific software programs, regardless of who created them. Although the FSDE standard is open to any flooring software maker that would like to join, software included must meet certain requirements.

“Software developers that don’t embrace the FSDE standard will be left behind as users migrate to software with more flexibility,” says Mike Myhre, WinSched Software Corp. president and a developer of the standard.

For more information about the FSDE standard, visit www.fsdestandard.com and select “Software Vendors” for additional contact information.