At Surfaces 2007 Kraus unveiled its new corporate identity and branding program, called “Kraus – Floors with More.” The new tagline replaces the various geographic divisions and product collection names previously used, according to the company.

“We chose our new tagline to better communicate our product scope and our differentiation strategy,” commented Kraus’ senior vp Walter Eckhardt. “And we differentiate our offerings from regular commodity products with unique features” such as the company’s ZipperLock backing.

Until recently, commercial carpet was branded as Kraus, while residential carpet and flooring were branded as LifeStyles. “Customers in the Northwest knew us as Kraus Sound, Northeast customers knew us as Kraus Sorce, and Canadians as Kraus McMahon. Now it’s all Kraus. Simple,” said Brad Vollrath, head of Kraus’ distribution group.