In an effort to leverage its reputation for "quality and to ultimately elevate its image in the marketplace," Burtco has created a new brand identity.

In an effort to leverage its reputation for “quality and to ultimately elevate its image in the marketplace,” Burtco says it created a new brand identity following an extensive review and development process in 2009. The company has now been rebranded with a new look and feel, under the nameB Carpet.

“Our focus has always been on manufacturing elegantly designed, high quality carpet,” said the company’s co-owner and vice president, Elizabeth Moore. “However, our brand image has never matched our high-end products and sophisticated customers.”

“This name was chosen as an evolution from Burtco to something fresh and updated, but without completely forgoing the original company name,” explains Moore.

For the logo, the company says theB, represented in an elegant letterform, was designed to convey a sense of quality and sophistication, with an up-to-date look and feel. As for the color, a royal purple was chosen to represent a stately, elevated status.

“Our firm has worked closely with Burtco for several years, successfully working as a team to design some wonderful carpets for many of our hotel projects,” said Claudia Baker with Baker Design Associates, Inc. “We’ve found their design team to be very professional and creative, and they definitely were instrumental in making our design concepts come alive. Many of the carpets we developed together were an unusual and exciting focal point for our projects and have been well-received for both design and durability.

“The development of their new identity for B Carpet is sure to take Burtco to the next level of a more upscale design and quality. I believe there is definitely a separate market that this new concept will appeal to and am anxious to watch the growth of this innovative brand.” “We’re looking forward to reminding the marketplace about our impeccable design and quality,” said B Carpet president Bob Kokoszka. “We want to convey the message toB particular. Specify B Carpet by Burtco.”

The new B Carpet brand was recently unveiled at Surfaces 2010 in Las Vegas, with a launch event to the company’s sales force and retail customers. A full launch to the hospitality market will take place at HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 19-21. For more information on B Carpet, go online to