Ira Lefkowitz, longtime president of Hoboken Floors, has resigned.  His brother Joel will remain as CEO of the 77-year-old distributor. In announcing the decision, Ira Lefkowitz offered no indications as to his immediate plans. He did note that the company is well positioned. “This transition comes at a good time,” Ira said. “I am looking forward to new challenges. And my brother has a great plan for Hoboken Floors. I look forward to how he will continue to grow the business.”

 The Lefkowitz brothers purchased the Wayne, N.J.-based distributor in 1996. Under their leadership, the company grew from a handful of offices in New Jersey to 18 divisions stretching from Maine to Texas. Today the company is widely considered one of the top distributors in the Northeast.

Joel noted that he plans to focus on fine-tuning the company’s customer service as Hoboken enters a “new era.”

“Our philosophy is still the same, our quality is still the same and our company’s mission is still the same,” he said. “What is evolving is our approach to better serving our customers in this challenging market. I am looking forward to this new era for Hoboken Floors.”