Roppe Holding Co.’s marketing manager Jeremy Whipple (left), discusses SafeTcork and the company’s expanded color palette with Dennis Case, California sales director for Big D Floor Coverings Supplies.

Roppe has revealed exclusively to its distributors and this magazine that the company’s recent purchase of Tuflex Rubber Flooring has resulted in a significant expansion to its portfolio. During the recent Floor Installation Association of North America meeting in Dallas, the company rolled out 234 new rubber flooring colors and an updated marbleizing process.

According to Roppe Holding Co.’s marketing manager Jeremy Whipple, Tuflex flooring is non-porous, 99 percent recyclable and nearly maintenance free. These characteristics make the product “suitable for locker rooms, industrial/commercial kitchens and more,” he said.

The new Tuflex line and rubber flooring colors with marbleized options are available beginning today, Nov. 12.

Additionally, Roppe has updated its SafeTcork cork-infused rubber safety flooring. Enhancements to the product help “increase an already inherently slip resistant rubber flooring into uncharted territories,” said Whipple. “The improved cork-embedded line provides natural occurring slip-resistance because the cork provides additional surface friction for any application needing that extra touch of safety,” he added.