Business consultant, speaker and writer Ricardo Gonzalez has launched The Gonzalez Report, a new website aimed at “delivering news, reports and research that affect business with Latinos.” Aimed primarily at businesspeople who manage Latino labor or are developing business with the Latino community, the site focuses on Sales/Marketing, Labor/Management and Political/Social topics along with commentary and analysis.

Gonzalez said his website is designed to not only keep readers updated on business news in the Latino community, but to offer insights into the culture as well. “The thing with culture is it changes so rapidly,” he noted. “This website will allow people to get a quick and consistent education.”

He added that learning about the culture is a “critical” aspect of working with people in the Latino community. “Knowing about the culture will shape the way businesspeople deal with the Latino community, both in managing people and marketing to them,” he said.

The site also includes the option to receive a daily e-mail update on the latest Latino news and information, as well as a link to Gonzalez’s Atlanta-based cultural and language training center Bilingual America. For more information visit