Mannington Mills is a fixture in the flooring industry, and a company that stands out because of its unique atmosphere and enduring spirit as a family-owned, professionally managed company with a focus on product design and technical innovation as well as tradition, family values and a commitment to sustainability.
That statement was true when Mannington was founded in 1915, and it remains true today. Even in these challenging economic times, companies must remain committed to their craft and dedicated to their mission. Those that do will be poised for success when prosperous times return.

Product Design
Called “the most decorated manufacturer in the industry,” Mannington offers award-winning floors in commercial and residential resilient, laminate, hardwood, porcelain tile, and commercial carpet. Each has its own unique attributes:
• Jumpstart - the first residential resilient with recycled content;
• Laminate planks with the first truly irregular edge treatment;
• Premium Visual Tile utlilizing post-consumer drywall; and
• The most complete line of engineered hardwoods, with over 17 species to choose from.

And Mannington’s design team stays on top of the trends through involvement in organizations like Color Marketing Group, and industry design councils to help create the looks consumers want, year after year.

A Rich History
Though it’s grown exponentially since its founding almost 94 years ago, Chairman of the Board Keith Campbell vows that the company will stay true to its roots. “We incorporate our family values – which we view as our legacy – into every aspect of our business. We dedicate ourselves to our values, which includeCareandDo The Right Thing,and our mission of being the best people to do business with in the flooring industry.”

“It’s always been about the relationships,” Campbell said. “Relationships we have here with each other, as colleagues, and relationships we develop and maintain with our distributor and retail partners.” 

An Eye Toward the Future
As a family owned business, Mannington has always looked to the future. Not the next quarter or the next stockholder meeting, but to the next generation. The phrase ‘Actions Speak’ describes Mannington’s attitude toward sustainability – conserving energy, reducing raw material usage, improving efficiencies, streamlining processes – all of these things have been on Mannington’s radar screen for decades, and Mannington is actively involved in making this world a better place for generations to come.

Over the decades, a lot has changed at Mannington Mills. The company has grown, progress has been made, products have been introduced and improved upon. But through all that change and innovation one thing remains constant: the company’s dedication to being the best people to do business with in the flooring industry.  -- Betsy Amoroso, Director, Corporate Communications