As of June 3, 2008, Fausfloor® has decided to go directly to the specialty retailers. Today’s economic condition and the state of the industry have created an opportunity for a new business model. We feel this is the best way to service our existing and new customers in the future. Even in the tough economic times we continue to make large investments in our current product lines, our factories and we will continue to do so to keep our brand and products number one in the industry. The customer is now able to receive expert support through our customer service department and get all of the attention that specialty retailers deserve. These retailers will now have 100% focus from our dedicated sales force.

We now have created a new business model that allows us to go direct to market with all of our exciting products, merchandising and programs. Faus has several new and exciting products and a completely new merchandising system, which we have been distributing to our dealers over the past six months. We have a five price point system which covers the entire laminate category coupled with Faus Patented Surfaces Technologies™.

At Fausfloor®, we believe what we say should only be relevant if it echoes what we are doing; therefore, we perform what we call eco acts. Our actions include footprint reduction, compliance to environmental standards and being a good neighbor.

As a company, we collect all the excess debris, wood chips and sawdust for reprocessing into usable pellets which we then use as a source of renewable energy within our facility as well as clean the return air from our dust collection and circulate it back into the facility as a source of heating. We also recycle everything from metal banding to plastic bottles.

In addition, our good neighbor habits include zero significant hazardous waste production and zero significant particulates in the air of our facility and surrounding properties. Both habits have placed Faus on the list of Non Hazardous Waste Producers and classified us as Storm Water Pollution Prevention exempt.

Faus Group Inc. is a global leader in the laminate flooring industry with manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Always the leader in design and technology innovation, Faus manufactures products of exceptional quality, designed to meet the highest consumer demands for laminate flooring and moldings. -- Bryan Hinson, Faus