A sample ad from the Houseful of Bliss sweepstakes promotion.

Consumers will have a chance to win up to 300 yards (valued around $12,000) of Bliss carpet or one of ten Bliss for Kids area rugs in the Beaulieu of America brand’s first national sweepstakes. The event, called the “Houseful of Bliss” Sweepstakes, is running now through Aug. 31.

“This kind of promotion is a first for us,” said Patricia Flavin, sr. vp marketing for Beaulieu of America. “We wanted to do something fun and exciting that draws attention to our brand and drives consumers to our website and dealers. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The sweepstakes will begin this month with a full-page ad in WFCA'sBeautiful Flooringmagazine, aBetter Homes and Gardenspublication. The event will also be announced in June in RenovationandDecorating Summer.The combined circulation of the three magazines is almost 1 million, according to Beaulieu. Finally, the promotion will be featured online via RemodelingCenter.com in July.

Consumers can enter by visiting the BlissFlooring.com website and clicking on the link to the registration page. Code words in the ads (which are necessary to enter) will help Bliss track the performance of each media.