Installers put the finishing touches on a carpet installation spanning the Willis Avenue Bridge in New York.

RD Weis Companies, a full-service commercial flooring provider based in Port Chester, N.Y., installed a carpet across the Wilis Avenue Bridge in New York for the recent New York City Marathon. The carpet, Assurance II from J&J Commercial, was installed the day of the race and removed later that day. The event is the fifth year in a row RD Weis has installed carpet on the bridge that connects Manhattan with the Bronx.

"Five hours. One carpet. 40,000 runners. The eyes--and the feet--of the world were on us," said Randall Weis, president of RD Weis. "The morning of the marathon, our team was in place. Jose Segarra of our NYC office, working with our installers, installed J&J Commercial's Assurance II all in four hours under extremely difficult outdoor conditions."

J&J Commercial manufactured and custom-dyed the carpet to the exact specifications of RD Weis and the New York Road Runners Club. Its bright orange color represented the marathon's major sponsor, ING North America Insurance Co.

Annie Vinton, a runner from New Jersey, commented, "When I first ran in 2001, I remember crossing the Willis Avenue Bridge very clearly. The hardness of the metal grated surface penetrated through my body as I ran across it and it hurt. This year, my second time running, I was relieved that the soft orange carpet was laid down to cushion my feet and body as I approached Mile 20. It made all the difference at such a pivotal point of the marathon."

"Running 26.2 miles is an amazing accomplishment," Weis said. "We are so proud to have been a small part of the marathon and to have done our bit to help the racers achieve their dreams. Our congratulations to all of the runners and the Road Runners for another very successful race."

In accordance with RD Weis' environmental policies, the carpet will be recycled by Carpetcycle.