Pictured is Formica Flooring’s Bellezza Botticino Classic Light. The ‘Dark’ version of the floor received an NFT Styling Excellence Award.

Editor’s note: The following is one in a series of profiles highlighting the winners of this year’sNFTStyling Excellence Awards. A complete list of winners is available in the April issue ofNFT.

Formica Flooring won anNFTStyling Excellence Award for its Bellezza Botticino Classic Dark laminate flooring. According to Ken Peden, COO of Krotonex/Formica Flooring, the award came shortly after the flooring maker restyled the line for a North American audience.

“It’s a great award for us,” Peden noted. We’ve basically redone the whole line, and to get an award for something we’ve restyled is pretty exciting.”

The brick-like, 25.35” by 12.2” flooring features natural stone designs enhanced with recessed grout lines and a high-gloss finish. “This is a high-gloss product that’s also a tile product, and nobody else has that,” Peden added. “We have an exclusive here and we’re very proud.”–Michael Chmielecki