Flooring software developer QFloors recently welcomed 36 retail users to an intermediate training session event in Salt Lake City. The event covered the QFloors software program from a broader perspective than its individual training programs and multi-day Users Conference.

“In light of the tough economy we felt these Regional Intermediate Training meetings were the best, most cost-effective way to help our customers, keeping in mind their current budget constraints and concerns over being away from the office,” said Trent Ogden, QFloors' CFO.

Attendee Penny Thompson of Mountain West Interiors in South Jordan, Utah, agreed. “Time is such a valuable commodity right now, so it’s really nice to learn a lot and focus on getting better with the program but only be away from the store one day,” she said.

Ogden noted the session was designed for a broad base of its customers, from novices to veterans of the software. “In a typical meeting such as this over half the people in the room aren’t using some crucial features QFloors has to offer," he said. “They may not be doing some of the basics and getting the resulting benefits.”

For more information, visit www.qfloors.com.