Välinge, Beaulieu International Group and Balterio announced they have settled pending litigation in the United States. The settlement agreement terminates pending litigations regarding potential infringement of certain Välinge patents in the United States between Välinge and Beaulieu International Group (Berry/Alloc) versus Balterio U.S., Inc. and its customer Norman D. Lifton Co.

The parties have also reached an agreement covering historical sales of products with respect to Välinge Innovation's U.S. Patent No. 6,023,907 and 6,517,579, and RE 39,439 for glueless locking systems. Balterio also obtained a non-assertion in relation to these patents for its right to supply its products to the U.S. market in the future.

"Välinge is pleased to have settled the dispute with Balterio in a commercial way. With the extensive technology base of Välinge, and Balterio’s market position we see great potential in a future co-operation regarding new products for Balterio," noted Darko Pervan, CEO Välinge Innovation.

"The aim of Välinge has always been to settle legal disputes outside courts through commercial negotiations. Välinge has, however, also in several cases enforced its patent rights through court actions when negotiations have failed. We are pleased to have reached this settlement with Balterio and can now focus our legal resources on other producers where we are preparing several legal actions," added Marcus Palm, sr. legal counsel, Välinge Innovation.