Beaulieu's Carl Bouckaert with Dale Huffstetler of the American Heart Association and Randy Webb, fitness director of Beaulieu of America.

Carl Bouckaert, chairman of Beaulieu of America, chaired the North Georgia Start! Heart Walk on May 23. The event drew about 1,000 fitness devotees to Dalton, Ga., where they walked a two-and-a-half mile course to raise money for the American Heart Association. Beaulieu of America associates raised almost $10,000, with the Beaulieu Bypass facility raising almost half of that, according to Dale Huffstetler, regional director of the American Heart Association.

Almost $10,000 was raised by Beaulieu staffers.

Also recognized at the fitness event were Lifestyle Change Award winners from Beaulieu of America. Some had lost significant weight. Others had stopped smoking or had quit the need for prescription medications.

Beaulieu’s corporate commitment to fitness and wellness earned recognition earlier this year byFortunemagazine and the American Heart Association. Fitness efforts include Beaulieu President and CEO Ralph Boe’s 2-Million Mile Challenge to associates, encouraging a daily regimen of walking for improved health.