Townsend Flooring, a new manufacturer, will offer 5/8” unfinished, sawn-faced engineered hardwood flooring beginning January 2011. Based in Warren, Ark., the company will be run by Wil Maxwell (Maxwell Hardwood director of operations and co-owner of Ouachita Hardwood Flooring) and Shay Dugul (Ouachita co-owner and general manager). The company expects to employ 25 people at start-up and be running at 50 percent capacity in the first few months.

Townsend Flooring will be produced exclusively for Maxwell Hardwood under the Townsend Additions trademark. The new line will join a range of unfinished products already offered by the company.

“The Townsend Additions line launches a new dimension of Maxwell products and creates synergy with our customers,” Maxwell noted.