Mannington has launched its first consumer blog, “At Home,”  

The blog, a first for Mannington’s residential flooring division, offers an underlying theme of “happy homes and a better world,” designed to help readers create comfortable and warm living spaces while providing inspiring content for their lives.

Planned blog topics include flooring design trends, inspirational articles, product spotlights, news, expert posts and other guest submissions, home design ideas, sustainability matters and more. Two of the first posts include a piece entitled “The Beauty of ‘Green’” and a feature on wood trends in home decor.

“In creating our first blog, we wanted to engage with consumers on a new level, and be a spontaneous and resourceful place for information,” said Betsy Amoroso, blog editor, who also serves as Mannington’s director of corporate communications. “We also hope this blog will help inspire readers to do more beautiful things at home and in their lives, while keeping them informed about some of the latest trends in home products and flooring design.”